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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm just pregnant...

I was reading the book about what to expect when you're expecting and there are things there which help me understand why I am feeling what I feel now. Honestly, I am not a picky eater but I want to be healthy. So I'm kind of careful when it comes to the foods that I feed in my mouth. As what Doctors say, you are what you eat and I believe it's true. Craving for Filipino foods was not very difficult until after my first trimester. I wanted to fight the craving thing coz it's not good for me or the baby. I sometimes think to ignore the craving and try something else but I just can't. I'm afraid that if I try eating something that I don't like, I might throw up. For me it's unbelievable to crave for something that is very diffilcult to get or find. Hubby said that maybe my hormone is the one responsible for the sudden change of my taste. I sometimes think that I'm crazy or insane for feeling bad about my craving but the book said "I'm just pregnant". In the past I thought that pregnant woman only crave for green mango (the sour and crispy one). But then I heard from somebody else that there was a teacher who eat soap when she was pregnant. At that time I thought it's crazy but here I am now, craving for the foods that I can't get from the restaurants or fastfoods here. I like my exotic food that Filipino vendors sell on the street. The cheap but tasty foods with dust from the jeepneys and bus passing by.

Thinking about it made me want to go back Philippines and eat the foods that I crave. But the long flight is killing me. My cousin in Hawaii said that she'll cook Filipino foods for me if I visit her. She told me that Hawaii is like Philippines and they got all the ingredients for Filipino dishes. I asked hubby last night if it's okay to go to Hawaii so I can eat what I crave. Sounds silly but I tried asking hubby anyway. He was surprised at first but after a few minutes of thinking about it, he told me to shop for the airline ticket of how much it cost. I had a list of the cost in going to Hawaii and even if he said that it's expensive, he told me that I can go if I really want to but there's an agreement. He said that I can go to Hawaii as long as I won't be whining about Filipino foods again once I come back here. Well, I might not wanna eat Filipino foods for a month after my visit to Hawaii but I'm sure after that one month I'll start looking for it again. Going to Hawaii from here is an overnight flight with a total of 12 to 13 hrs for one stop flight. And the 7 hrs flight on the plane scares me. It's okay if hubby will go with me so if I feel sick on the plane, he'll be there to take care of me. And another thing is, what if I miss him? I think that's kinda hard. So my decision now is to stay here with hubby. What about my cravings? I guess I have to learn how to cook the foods I crave. My previous post help me in some way coz a concern kababayan Deb sent me a message thru friendster and asked me what foods I crave. She sent me 2 recipes right away after telling her what I crave. Thanks so much Deb! ^_^ Then my cousin in Hawaii sent me 2 recipes right away after chatting her last night. A fellow blogger will soon email me her recipe of lechon kawali and I think there are more recipes coming. I'm now happy to know that there are concern individuals around. God is really good... ALL THE TIME!!! ^_^


Twerlyn said...

hi Chelle! eating healthy foods would really help to make ur baby healthy as well.. avoiding foods that are not good to your baby would make your baby huge as my newborn baby hehe! but it is worth the pain jud after. Most probably one month ra ang lihi nimo,based on my experience..after that any good foods na imo gusto kaunon ana..

thanks for leaving your footprints sa page ko..take care!!

WeblogLearner said...

I am glad to hear that finally someone replied to your recipe hunt..kababasa ko lng kasi sa yesterdays/previous post mo na walang nagreply... am happy for you Mich plus am glad to know what you read at least help you.

Cecile n' Matt said...

hello, magandang mommy to be :-hope your doing well

kunthanrajan said...

hello friend..u ahve a nice blog..i like it very mush…i like to link it ot mine blogrolling u wish the same do freind….at clcisk my

Michelle said...

twerlyn: i'm trying my best to eat healthy foods. i do hope that my craving for filipino foods will soon be finished. you are such a strong woman for delivering a healthy baby girl into the world. :)

webloglearner: thanks for the concern sis! i really wonder if other preggy women feel the same thing as i do but the book help me to understand little by little of what will happen next. at least now meron akong guide. :)

ceille n matt: thanks cille for dropping by here. :)

kunthanrajan: good that you like my blog. it's fine with me if you add me to your blog roll. I'll do the same once you're done adding me. hope you'll come back and visit my blog again. :)

Marie said...

wow! been out na jud diay sa blogosphere dugay2x kay di pa man ka buntis mich last time ko anhi,.. anyway, just decided to be back full-time in blogging... hope to see you in my blogs again..

my big congratulations to you and your hubby... wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy... take care!

Michelle said...

thanks marie! :)