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Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm bored...

Yes, I'm bored and while I was in bed this morning I was thinking of what to do to fight with my boredom. I called my Pinay friends to visit another Pinay friend S then I'll buy Pizza for lunch so we have something to eat while chit chatting. But then I thought that maybe pizza is not enough for lunch so I decided to buy fried chicken at Popeye's for everybody and then I called my Pinay friend S to cook rice. We had fun eating at S house while chit chatting. I went home at 3:15 PM because I started yawning.

I went to Walgreens pharmacy first before going home to buy my vitamins and iron but it's not available today. The pharmacist said that they're going to order my vitamins and I can pick it up tomorrow. Then I called another Pinay friend who works with my OBGYN coz I'm running out of nausea pill. It seems that I feel nauseated lately so I asked if they can give me another prescription so I can get some more. My friend at the OB office just asked the number of the Pharmacy that I normally go to and she call the pharmacy to give me some more nausea pills. I thought that I need to go to the OB's office and pick up the prescription for my nausea pill. It's really nice to have friends around.

Anyways, I went to Target to buy some fruits and meat because my other Pinay friend who wasn't able to go to my friend's house today will come here tomorrow and we'll cook for lunch. She's actually suggesting that my squash is good with the long beans. She said she got some long beans and I got the squash so we decided to cook our vegetables before they go bad. It's nice to share foods with friends, right? Just like today, another friend of mine cooked guinataan (binignit or landang in bisaya) and she gave me the pure cocoa tablets. I was really happy when I saw the pure cocoa tablets coz I was craving for a hot chocolate but I want the one from Philippines. When I told my friend about it she said that she got some but she didn't know where she put it. Now that I have it, I can make and drink a hot choco Philippine style. Woohoo! ^_^


Cecile2 said...

salamat chelle for you support at votes, di ako mananalo kung disa boto mo :-) thanks again from the bottom of my heart! take care and ejoy cooikng and eating with friends, kakagutom naman :-(

Ilocana said...

Huh, kainan na naman. We'll be there with my bulilit.. See yah!

Lynn said...

Indeed, it feels good to have friends around. Life is not complete without friends. Di ba?

I remembered champorado when u mentioned cocoa though di diay to cocoa, tabliya diay tawag pero maid of cacao gihapon diba?

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

have a good day!

Michelle said...

cecille2: you're very much welcome cille. :)

ilocana: salamat sa pagpunta dito. kung hindi tayo nagluto, wala akong makain na veggies today. :)

lynn: korek. friends make our life more wonderful and colorful. yeah, they call the tabliya here as cocoa kay di sila kasabot diri kung ingnon nimo nga cocoa. :)

mica: you too. :)