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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lunch with a friend...

My friend Ilocana who's also a blogger came over coz we planned to cook something for lunch today. Though it's just me, her and her 2 yrs old daughter but we cooked for more than 2 people. hehe She brought stuff that I don't have and we cook together while chit chatting. Here are the photos of our finish product. -_^

Squash and long beans with pork and shrimp paste.

Hormel Spam.

White shrimps. We call it white because it didn't become orange even if it's already cooked. :)

Arroz caldo (rice porridge).

All of them are yummy and of course, we ate with steamed rice.


Butchay said...

pagkalami ba ana oi...hehehe eoist madam must ana? got an award for you

WeblogLearner said...

ang sarap looking naman nyan Mich. I love that vege mix oh..Hmm..luto din kaya ako nyan dito..mukhang pinakbet na..malapt na except for ampalaya missing...^^

Lynn said...

Haaay...palaway man ka, Mich.

I love shrimps and arrozcaldo. Haven't had one for a while now. Haaay...gigutom ko da. Matulog na lang ko aron mawala laway. Hehe.

Night night, Sis. Take care always!

Cecile n' Matt said...

kakagutomnaman yung mga pagkain mo, pahingi naman oh, just kidding, here to drop ec and saay thanks for your supportkaya nanalo ako eh :-)