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Monday, September 22, 2008

My cooking experiment today

After receiving recipes from friends, I started trying one recipe that I like... pork steak. At first I didn't understand the taste but when it's already in my plate I remember the smell is almost similar and the taste is almost the same. In short, there was a slight difference of the taste and smell. I'm not sure if the onion that I use has a different taste from the one that we normally use in the Philippines because we use shallots in the Philippines not the big onions. Hmm Good thing I only use one slice of pork to start with so I still have 2 more slices to experiment again. I think I'll use shallots next time. Then I searched the internet last night for more recipes. I found a blog with recipes from Cebu. The longganisa caught my eye so I also tried making it today. The result is acceptable but not perfect. Well, it's my first try so I think mistakes can be made for the first time. Hubby like the longganisa and I like it too. I just add a little bit of sugar to make it a little sweeter. I guess this is a good start. I have more recipes to try and hopefully after the first, second or third try I will be able to get the perfect taste that I really want. ^_^


WeblogLearner said...

I just notice na super galing ng panlasa mo Mich. You can identify and i guess super sensitive ng taste buds mo..

Lynn said...

Indeed Mitch. For sure, ma perfect mo na yan since practice makes perfect, di ba? (",)


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...