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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My new routine...

Now that I quit working, I become too lazy to go out. Its been two days that I didn't go out. I didn't even get the mails in the mailbox coz I don't feel like going out. I just want to stay inside sleeping and arranging stuff. But today I went out to throw the garbage, drop some mails, went to the Asian Market to buy the fresh vegetables and fruits, went out shopping for more light weight maternity pants and bought some ingredients for pochero that I plan to cook tomorrow. I wish my pochero taste as good as my Aunt's pochero coz I really miss it and want to eat it again. I called my Aunt in the Philippines just to get her recipe coz I'm craving for it. I'll cook the pochero tomorrow for the first time and hubby is looking forward to it. He wish me luck for this one. haha This will be my present for hubby when he comes home tomorrow night from business travel.

Anyways, I was thinking of going to the mall but I felt hungry after shopping for my maternity pants so I just went home after I finish buying the things I need for this week. Then I cook mung beans with veggies in it for my meal, watch tv, wash the bed sheet, blanket and pillow cases, arrange stuff in the fridge, wash dishes, clean the stove and the countertop. I still haven't been to the fitness center coz I'm waiting for hubby so I won't be bored while I'm in the treadmill. Besides, hubby needs to exercise too but he stopped going to the fitness center because he said, "it's boring". I think the fitness center is a place where hubby and I can bond together while we're exercising. ^_^


twinks said...

Hi Michelle.
Marami na tayong tamad lumabas ng bahay. hehehe..
Ingat :]
Btw, will add this blog of yours in my blogroll.

Hazel said...

hi,wow, can relax at home. so good hah..

Lynn said...

That's good Mich, make your life as busy as possible para di ka ma bored. Ako raba ma bored kay maski unsa na lay musulod sa utok ba unya ang partner dayun awayon. Hahaha. Lingaw!

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

Take your time chelle, anyway you still have so much time to spend outside later...get some rest which is good for u and ur baby.

Cecile2 said...

twinks was right, welcome to the club, am a member of lazy pinay who just want to stay inside; funny because hubby is the one who gets mail lately from work, because hislazy woman doesn't want to go outside :-) anyway, just stop by to say hi and thanks for the vote, yup, hopeto win this time:-) so two more days for you to vote for me hehehe, salamat and ingat lagi! sure you pochero will absolutely be yummy!

Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Michelle...

Passing by here while I have some free time. Catching up on what's happening to our pregnant friend here.

Enjoy the time off and the time of being pregnant.

How's your MIL by the way? Is she adjusting well there?