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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday celebration with friends

These two photos were taken last Thursday at Barnes n Nobles where Starbucks is. We drop by there to have a cup of coffee after eating dinner at the Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Too bad, we forgot to take a photo while we're having dinner. I only remembered it when we're about to leave. Anyways, it was sort of a celebration for my birthday. That's what we do if one of us have a birthday coming and sometimes a belated birthday treat for us. We had a good time last Thursday though the weather is cold. :)


Nancy said...

Musta buntis! hehe... got you tagged ...hope you don't mind!

Ken said...

Mukhang enjoy talaga kayo. It's great to see this duplicated everywhere in the Filipino diaspora.

Lynn said...

hello Mitch! Musta na? You drink coffee? Ok lang ba sa buntis? (",)

Lynn said...

good for u, mitch. ur bday was on the 25th diba? tama ba? kalimot ko da. hehe.

Michelle said...

nancy: thanks sis! :)

ken: yeah, it's nice to spend time with friends once in a while. :)

lynn: actually it's not good for preggy to drink a lot of caffeine but my practitioner said that 2 cups of coffee a day is okay. i'm not really a coffee drinker, i only drink coffee once a week or once every two weeks. morag luod man sad kung pirmihon. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty man gehapon oi maski preggy.. tc Inday

Michelle said...

thanks simplymama! :)