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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cable TV to fight boredom?

In the past hubby and I spend more time on the computer than watching TV. Hubby asked me if I want to have a cable TV but I always say no coz there were times that I didn't bother to turn the TV on for a week or weeks so it's just a waste of money. But now that I stay at home everyday and only go out twice a week, I started watching soap operas at noon. I spend more time watching TV than the computer lately and the other night I was surprised when hubby was on the phone talking about cable TV connection. I am still satisfied with the TV shows we get from local channels but it seems that hubby is so determined to have a cable connection and his reason is he doesn't want me to be bored here. I said that I'm not bored yet and the cable TV will only make me lazy to do something else if I started to like watching nice shows and if that happens, then it's his fault. He said that it's okay as long as I won't be bored while I'm in the house. Lately I experienced having back, hip, and leg pain that's why I prefer to lie down in the couch to take a rest while watching TV or listen to music. I sometimes get up during commercial break to do some chores if my body is feeling a little better or if I'm not in pain. I still want to do some chores and a little bit of arranging before the baby comes. I hope I won't be addicted to watching TV unless I need to. :)


Lynn said...

sinabi mo, mitch. pag nice na ang shows, mupilit na jud ka sa banko. been like that before pero kay karon, computer naman ako ginaatubang pirmi. hehe.

WeblogLearner said...

I have to say I do hate TV.

I dunno why but TV never hooked me and I always feel bored when I watch it. I mean, I watch movies or films in it but to watch regular TV channels... i do hate it coz there are ads.. HBO, Cinemax and AXN are great but with ads, grrrr...

My philosophy? WHy should I pay (electricity, the TV itself and others) to let those advertising ideas brainwash me?

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

lynn: mao na kay bisan ang bana sa akong cousin sukad nga naa na sila TFC kay na addict na ug tan-aw sa teleserye hangtud saputon ang asawa kay di na maka grocery. hehe

webloglearner: you're absolutely right. regular tv channels have lots of advertisements but if i have the body pain or my stomach is turning over then i really need to lie down and have no choice but to watch tv or listen to music. :)

simplymama: thanks for visiting sis. :)