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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Budget! Budget! Budget!

Well, knowing that we have a baby coming made me changed from shopping to saving. Actually I tried to control myself not to spend beyond our means already but thinking about the economy today made me think twice. I've been watching Oprah's show especially when it comes to saving tips or money 101 so I'll learn something how to really live lean. The baby is not really that expensive according to other parents that hubby and I know but we don't know if there are emergency expenses coming. According to Suze Orman, we should have 8 months of savings for emergency. I really like Suze Orman's advice to those who are having financial problem which she calls it financial suicide. She's frank and uses the tough love to those who asked her help and I learned a lot by listening to her at Oprah's show. So budgeting is really important. :)


Nancy said...

This is right, Chelle... ang problema kung naay ma-save. kung tama-tama ra sad ang income for the basic needs, wala jud ghapon, mapugos jud ug pangutang...

Anyways,amping cge sa imong health ug sa imong baby.

I have something for you here:

Lynn said...

Ang problema lagi if naa pa ma save. But i'm the type na mag save jud as much as i can. unsaon na lang, naa baya ko istudyante unya ako ra isa gakayud. pero i must admit, naa jud pud time nga maka use ko money nga wa sa plano. mao nang likay jud ko mu adto mall. lol.

Pinay WAHM said...

Naku Michelle...don't believe na hindi expensive and baby. It is kinda' expensive to have a baby....think diapers until they're about 2. They need clothes every week kasi they grow really fast...di tulad natin our clothes can last us years...sila hindi kasi they keep growing until they're...ummmm....25? hehehe....

Tinakot ba kita? Nah....looks like you're on the right track by saving as early as now. The key? You know [and do] it already....spending only within your means.


Michelle said...

nancy: i think if we know how to spend the money correctly then we can still save even just a penny a day coz there are individuals who have a good income but are in debt. some have small income but doesn't have debt. so i think it depends on the person. opinion lang na nako ha. :)

lynn: bitaw, lisod man mag save labina kung maibugon ang mata pero ma control baya nato ang kaibog basta magpuyo sa balay. mao na akong buhat ron kung wala jud importante nga lakaw kay ug moadto sa mall, makabitbit jud ig uli. lisod kay makadaot sa budget. hehe

pinaywahm: grabe, every week lalaki ang size ng baby? ang alam ko lang na madali silang lumaki but not every week. kaya pala sabi ng kaibigan ko na buy the bigger size daw para matagal pang magamit ng baby ang damit hindi yong isang suot lang. pero meron din namang hand me down clothes from my friends na kini-keep nila for the next na mabubuntis kasi di daw nagamit lahat or isang beses lang sinuot so okay lang. i got advice from my friends din not to buy a lot of clothes kasi yong iba di na magamit kasi nga madaling lumaki ang baby. pero totoo, magastos pa rin. :)