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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got pimples again

I have an acne break out again and it's itchy. Grrrr I can't help but scratch them coz it's really itchy. Sometimes it's painful so hubby decided to get an appointment with my dermatologist. We went to my dermatologist today and got prescriptions. I was there a year ago and now I'm back to step one again. Same problem but different prescriptions now that I'm preggy. I hope that my acne will be gone soon but he said that after giving birth, my acne will become worst. Oh boy.


Lynn said...

my sister was like that too, dami niyang pimples when she was pregnant but after giving birth, unti unti nang nawala. dala ra siguro na sa imo pagbuntis, mitch. :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Ang dami kasing dinadaanan ng system natin pag buntis. Sabi nung ob-gyn ko dati, na rearrange daw ang laman loob natin when pregnant.

Will become worse ba after giving birth? Wag naman sana. I think case to case basis lang yan.

Take care and don't worry too much..nakakadami ng acne yun...hahaha.


Michelle said...

My friends said that my pimples are just part of being pregnant coz two of them experienced it too and they said that their pimples easily gone after they gave birth without the dermatologist's help. But the problem is it's so itchy and painful sometimes so my choice is to ask help from the dermatologist. I did worry before but not so much now. :)