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Friday, October 17, 2008

Eggplant with egg

I'm not sure if you heard that eggplant is not good for pregnant woman. Why? Well, according to my cousin in the Philippines that the baby will get seizure disease when the baby is born. I told hubby about it and he didn't believe that it's true so I asked my OB and practitioner and they both said that there's nothing wrong with the eggplant. In fact, vegetables are good for me and the baby. So I bought an eggplant and cooked it today for my lunch. It's funny though coz the cooked eggplant with egg looked like a turtle. I was talking to my baby while eating and having fun with the shape of the eggplant that I ate. haha

What do you think?


Lynn said...

Bitaw, murag turtle siya. Hehe.

I ate a lot of eggplant omelet when i was pregnant, Mitch and so far okay man. Palayo lang pud. Daghan jud myth diri sa Pinas when it comes to almost everything, diba? Pati pag-inom bugnaw nga tubig bawal daw sa buntis kay makadako bata. Gamay man si Yogi paggawas maski bugnaw pirmi ako inom. Hahaha. Haaay na lang ning istorya ba.


Lynn said...

Visiting u tonight, Mitch. Dropped an ec too.

Happy weekend!

mjsterling said...

oi kalami sa eggplant..way bahaw? lols niways karon pa ko naka visit balik diri..medyo na busy ang gitz gud lols..happy weekend

Lynn said...

bisita ko usab diri. happy weekend!

Michelle2 said...

lynn: nah daghan jud myth lynn. my best friend also told me not to eat banana and energy drink coz it's not good for me and the baby. but my practitioner recommended the energy drink with high protein coz I need protein and the banana is good before bed time. toink! so hubby said that if i listen to the myths then i won't be able to eat anything and my OB agreed with him. :)

mjsterling: it's okay ivs, i know you have other things to do so no worries. :)

Pinay WAHM said...'s true and daming pinaniniwalaan sa atin na baseless. Good thing you asked your doctor about it. When in doubt, always consult your OB kasi he/she knows best when it comes to you and your little bundle of joy.