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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I lose weight again. (sigh)

I had my OB appointment today and I was shocked when I saw my record that I lost 2 lbs. During my first visit I was 86, then second visit 87 but today my weight is 85 lbs. I weigh myself the other day and I gained 1 lb already so I thought I was doing okay already. It really breaks my heart that I almost cry while hubby and I were inside the room waiting for the practitioner. It seems so hard to gain weight for me. I was told not to eat for two coz the baby is still little and doesn't need much yet. But one of my friends told me to eat for two coz the baby is growing. I don't know which one is right coz the book said that I need to eat even if I'm not hungry coz the baby is hungry. So hubby asked the practitioner about it and she said that I'll just eat additional 500 calories everyday but the book said 300 calories only. My OB told me not to eat 3 big meals coz that's the cause of nausea. He said that I should eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks in between which is I need to eat every 3 hours during the day. But I noticed that even if I eat small meals I don't feel hungry after 3 hours. And if I try to eat snacks and I'm not hungry then I feel like I'm going to throw up afterwards. My OB told me not to eat too much coz if I get nauseated I might not want to eat anymore which is not good. He also told me not to drink water like he does coz I'm little so I should only drink water little by little. Now I need to gain weight 1 lb a week but gaining 1 lb a month is already difficult for me. So I don't know how I can do it. I want my baby to be healthy but I don't want to be sick either. I guess I need a miracle for this pregnancy coz I need to gain weight at least 25 lbs before giving birth and the practitioner warned me already not to eat junk foods coz other pregnant women who are desperate to gain weight did that. (Sigh)


amiable amy said...

i can't advise you in this i wish...i am not health conscious either .... just don't eat junk foods, don't drink soda...and keep your mind away from stress...your baby will be fine for sure...i pray for you my friend

amiable amy said...

by the way, got an award for you...just accept it when u can

monica said...

just eat healthy ate, lots of fruits, fish and vegetables are good. drink milk most especially and iron supplement as well. never miss an appointment with the doctor! you'll do well. :)

Michelle said...

amiable amy: thanks amy for the award and prayer. since i got pregnant, i stopped drinking soda and though i have some junk foods here most of them are still unopened even those that i purchase last year. i think i worry too much on how to gain weight coz i've been trying to gain weight since last year and the more i tried, the more i lose weight. i now tried to just eat a little bit a time. i hope my tummy will expand a little bit so i can eat more for me and the baby. :)

monica: thanks for the comment. actually my OB prescribed me an iron supplement and prenatal vits. which i take everyday. i just don't have a big appetite that's why a little amount of food makes me full already and if i eat too much i can feel that i'm going to throw up. now i'm taking my nausea pill to stop throwing up coz i sometimes force myself to eat more. but i'm hoping that my body will adjust and can accomodate more food than it used to. :)