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Friday, October 3, 2008

Scary night

My friend S called me yesterday afternoon and asked me if I can go out with them for the ladies night out. I agreed to go with them coz hubby doesn't have a problem with it. When I'm close to the restaurant where my friends and I normally eat dinner, I pass by at the back of another restaurant next to the Chinese restaurant. There are two bumps there and another parking area then after I pass the two bumps a tall black guy showed up. I step on the break so the guy can pass. He was staring at me saying something and pointing on me as if he was mad at me. I didn't hear what he said coz my car's windows were closed and the radio was ON but I know that he was saying something maybe bad at me. He looked like a trouble maker but I waited for him to pass by though I'm scared. I'm just observing him just in case he's going to attack me by destroying my car or whatsoever and as soon as he's 2 feet away from my car I hurriedly drive to the Chinese restaurant looking for a place where there are people around so if he's going to run after me then there are witnesses or individuals who can help me. The parking lot was almost full and quiet so I looked for a space and hurriedly went inside the restaurant. I didn't mention to my friends of what happened coz I don't want them to worry about me. I told hubby about it and he said that his father told him "if you're inside the car and somebody's going to attack you, you should do something because you have 150 horses under the hood". Well, I hope it won't happen again coz I don't want my hood to have some blood in it. I don't want to pass that road again.


twinks said...

Oh my, that was scary, lalo na you're pregnant. Glad to hear nothing bad happened and you're safe.

Have a nice day!

Michelle said...

Yeah, it really scares me. I guess I have to be careful all the time. We don't know what people think. :)

Lynn said...

Scary indeed! Ako pa na, kurog na siguro ako tuhod. Yikes!

OIst, balo diay ka drive Mitch. Mayo pa ka. Wala pa jud nako napadayun ako practice nga gisugdan sa una ba. Unsaon man, ako teacher busy man sa iya life. Hehe.

Michelle said...

Nah hapit sad mokurog akong tuhod oi pero wa ko pada sa akong kulba kay di na unya ko matunong sa akong padulngan. Kinahanglan jud mag drive diri lynn kay lisod kaayo kung magsalig lang sa bana or sa amiga kay tanan taw diri busy jud bisan pa ug akong mga miga SAHM pero naa man sad mga anak gi atiman, nya ato baya tanan diri mao nga bisan naa free time usahay dili jud ko pataka ug tawag just to chika2 kay mag huna2 ko nga busy sila. Unsaon nga ako mismo bisan walay anak ug wana work busy man gani samot na jud ang naay anak. Mao nga maningkamot jud ug drive kay kung wala ang bana di ko matanggong sa balay nya kung masakit sad ang bana mada sad nako sa hospital. Pero napugos jud kog drive diri kay akong bana usahay mag travel man for 1 to 2 weeks across the country so amo nang gi anticipate nga kung mag travel sya, makalaag gihapon ko kung laayon ko diri. Okay raman kung di mag drive diha kay daghan man sakyanan. Diri kay barikuson jud imo bagtak kung lakwon nimo ang mga tindahan kay lagyo man. Naa man tuod shuttle bus pero inoras man sad ang byahe nya morag until 6 PM ra sad so kung mabiyaan ka, magpuk-ong na lang sa kilid kung walay mokuha. haha