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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prayer meeting and selling...

Hubby and I were invited to a prayer meeting when we were at the Filipino store coz the host of the prayer meeting was there also shopping and told us to go to her house Saturday which is today. The last time we went to her house we waited for an hour and a half because the guests arrived late (Filipino time) which is not good. So today hubby and I decided to be there a little late coz I'm sure that others will arrive late. To our surprise, we still arrived early. I guess we waited for 30 minutes before the prayer started then we had dinner after the prayer. When it's time for us to go home, somebody was selling a book with lots of coupons from restaurants and grocery stores. Hubby didn't like the idea of selling something coz it's supposed to be for socializing. I wasn't interested to buy the book but they're bugging me to get one coz it's the kids project in school. I was trapped at the sofa so hubby did something to stop it. He stand at the door waiting for me and said bye to all so I can get out and go home. I just said to the ladies that I better not buy then I said bye to them and thank the host. Hubby said that it's okay if I'll stay to socialize but he doesn't like it when the ladies are bugging me to buy the book. Good thing hubby was there or else I'll be tempted to buy the book that I can't use. Coupons are good if you use it but if you don't then it's useless. The good thing is I met some friends again and went home full. :)


amiable amy said...

if i will be the host i will gonna schedule the dinner ahead so that participants can come early to eat...if they are food for you, sorry....hahhaha..ohh that is really depressing to wait 30 min and much more an hour? u should invite them to blog to earn money than selling coupons...anyway, i know you are having a good time so, its worth it to be there

Lynn said...

busy talaga ng life mo, mitch. hehe. visiting u tonight. hope okie dokie ang buntis. take care always! :)