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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn Leaves

I like watching the different colors of leaves now that they are changing and started falling. I told hubby that his mom might like to watch the different colors of leaves and since we don't have any plans for today, hubby asked me if we can take his mom out for a tour and I agreed. It took us an hour and a half just roaming around. We were tired and hungry after so we headed to the steak house restaurant and had our dinner. I took some photos to share and here they are...


Lynn said...

i've always been fascinated with those colorful leaves which i only see in photos. wawa! puros raman gud green diri sa ato. LOL.

anyways, got u tagged, sis. tag na pud. haha. way lain lingaw ba. hope u don't mind.


take care always!

ipanks said...

pic no.1 : its so beautifull

pic no.2 : good looking from far away :D

pic no.3 : its a long road :D

pic no.4 : i like to see when the sun goes down, like when i go to the beach

Ilocana said...

Looks like at Jones Valley road heading on Airport road..^_^

Anonymous said...

Nindot kaayo ug view sis noh grabe gyud as in, combinaton sa green ug turning yellow na hehehe nindot gehapon tan awon