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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Me at 20 weeks preggy

Me with my little growing tummy at 20 weeks. I received comments about my little tummy specially if I'm with other Pinays at the party or gatherings. It's nice to hear good advice from those who have kids already but of course there are unwanted advice which I don't want to hear like the myth of eating for two. It seems that some moms who eat for two when they were pregnant want me to do the same thing also. But my mother-in-law and my Aunt told me that their OBGYN told them not to eat for two and that's what my OB told me also. Well, eating for two is just a myth that will lead to C section because the baby becomes big which I don't want to experience if possible. Besides, gaining too much weight is not good for me or the baby. Though it's possible to have a C section for some reason like cord coil but we can't do anything about it. One Pinay friend who have 4 grown up kids told me to listen to her coz she's more experienced than others. And her advice? "Don't make your baby grow so big inside your tummy, let the baby grow when the baby is born". And I believe her. :)


jenn_US said...

youre such a charming preggy. :) you're the sister diay of peachy? imo sister look like angel locsin sah? kalimot jud mo mga pretty. hehe

Lynn said...

naman, sexy lang japun ka sis even with that bulging tummy. :)

yep, your friend is right. don't let the baby grow so big. take sweets in moderation kay mao jud na makapadako sa bb. di raba daw lalim ang CS. your baby should be around 6 lbs. lang dapat like mine kay pareho man ta gagmay. :)

ingatz, mitch!

monica said...

you've been tagged. :)

Michelle said...

jenn_us: thanks for the compliment jenn! so you know my younger sister diay. :)

lynn: yeah, i heard from my friends that CS made them do things so slow because it's a major surgery compared to normal delivery where you can get up right away and do what needs to be done. maayo lang unta ug mo cooperate ang bata. pero mora sad baya ug kasabot kung sultian nako kay motuman man. hehe

monica: thanks for the tag girl. :)

twinks said...

Hi sis,
naks gonna be one hot momma...

I agree with your friend, don't let the baby grow so big inside your tummy, that's what my mother told me when I was preggy. Lisod na ma CS oi..

take care :]

Ilocana said...

Ganda mo sa picture mommy!...Anyway, I think "eating for two" is just misunderstood by many or even taken "literally". Whenever my OBgyn told me to eat for two that means I need to consider what's also good for the baby. Not to mean eat larger amounts each meal...And you're right, you don't have to follow what everybody says. Listen to your instict and do what is comfortable to your body and your baby. Remember, each of us is unique and so we all differ during pregnancy... So take care girl, and hope to see your forming tummy later @ the Bangham's. I assume she already called you for the "eat" together este get together party.^_^

Anonymous said...

Michelle gwapa man gehapon ka oi maske 20 weeks preggy na heheh that's good kay dili dako kaayo emo tiyan ...

Michelle said...

twinks: haha how i wish i'll always have that "hot momma" look. i know that we all want to be a hot momma but when laziness strikes and household chores are piling up, we forget to take care of ourselves which is not good.

ilocana: i agree, some moms think that pregnant women should eat for two as in eating two meals because the baby is growing. my OBGYN told me that the baby is so little and doesn't need a lot of food, only healthy foods and no junk. some pinays in the group kept telling me that but for me they don't know what they said and didn't know any better so i'm not going to follow their advice. they might think that i'm not a good mom for not eating two meals but that's their problem not mine. OB professionals know more of what's best for pregnant women. see you later! :)

simplymama: malipay man sad ta sa imong comment di pareha sa uban nga gustong modako dayon akong tiyan. maglibog lang ta kung insecure sila nga mas dako pa ilang tiyan nga di sila buntis kay sa akoa. haha

Ilocana said...

Ay may "typo" ako. "instict" is supposed to be instinct okay. Sorry, I think that's was not even a word. Well, mistakes happen all the time...he,he,he.