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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fish fish and more fish!

Thursday is my grocery day at the Asian Market coz the vegetables are fresh, meat, shrimps and yesterday they have fish. I have no idea what the name of the fish but I bought one just to experiment if it's any good or not. I tried fish stew in the past using the frozen fish but the taste was not as good as the one I had in the Philippines using the fresh fish in the market. So I cut the fish that I bought yesterday in half then I cooked the head as my fish stew and I fried the tail part. The result? Oh la la So yummy and delicious! I never regret buying it. It taste soooo good which reminds me of Philippines fish stew. I ate a lot of rice last night and was stuffed coz I got carried away with the taste. haha Hubby smiled every time I complained that I'm soooo full. I decided to buy some more fish today and was thinking of how I cooked it and how much fish I want to buy. I was also praying that nobody buy the fish earlier today so I can buy some more. I went to the Asian market before 2 pm and was glad that there's more fish waiting for me. haha I planned to buy 5 but I decided to buy 6. I experiment with the rest of the fish so next time I know what's the best recipe for it. I cleaned all of them, removing the scales for more than an hour I think and preparing for the next recipe.

Here they are...

Do you know what fish is this? I don't and I'll be happy if you can tell me the name of this fish. :)

Fish heads with vinegar, garlic and salt. Not so good. But yesterday's fish stew was superb. Too bad I didn't have a picture of it because I'm too excited to eat. haha But yesterday's recipe was just sliced tomato, scallions, salt, fresh lemongrass and water. :)

Fried fish with salt... Delish!

Grilled. The result is yummy!

I still have some uncooked fish (cleaned) in the freezer. I wanted to cook them all and freeze them later but I want to know if the taste is still the same even if I put them in the freezer for weeks so next time I already know if I buy more or not. I'm hoping for a good result of my experiment and I wish the Asian market will sell this fish again in the future.


Butchay said...

oist buntis, musta na man ka oi. AGi lang ko and thanks sa comment.... TC

Nancy said...

Mura dili ko sigurado unsa ning isdaa sis pero it looks like kanang gitawag ug "isda sa bato". tan-awa ang sabaw sa stew, hmm...mura panington jud ta ana ug higop labi na kung init..ahaha!

Lynn said...

wow! fish galore! i'm not familiar with that fish pud ba kay murag wala man na diri sa pinas. actually, we have variety of fishes here, some of which wa ko kabalo sa name. hehe.

glad to know that you're stuffed, Mitch. did u gain weight na? hope to see pics of u with your bulging tummy. (",)

take care always!

Pinay WAHM said...

Fish is good for you especially now that you're expecting. Kaso di ko alam ang tawag sa fish...sowee...

I never learned how to clean fish kasi laging nanay namin ang naglilinis...tapos dito panay fillet naman.

Musta ang pregnancy Mitch? Gaining weight ka na ba?


Michelle said...

butchay: no probs chay. ok lang ko. :)

nancy: lagi, maoy nakalami sa isda pagtuwa nako kay tambok2. nigawas ang oil as in sarap to the bones jud. tilok ang bukog. haha

lynn: nah ako maayo lang mokaon ug isda pero don't know all their names. usahay ang porma ra akong timan-an kung lami ba or di. nag gain nako ug 4 lbs atong last visit nako sa OB. I hope I'm still gaining weight slowly but surely para walay stretch mark. hehe mag post ra unya kog pic nga dako2 na akong tiyan. :)

pinaywahm: ic, it's okay. okay na ako ngayon, wala ng masyadong probs bout foods. ang sleeping habit naman ang umatake. hehe malikot na kasi ang baby lalo na pag gabi kaya kulang sa tulog minsan. :)