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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fried Plantain Banana

As I was blog hopping and ec dropping, I found a blog who posted a yummy fried plantain banana. So I bought one plantain banana and experiment adding brown sugar while frying. The brown sugar didn't coat all the way on the banana but still the result is yummy. I ate all of it and didn't leave any for hubby. hahaha


amiable amy said... my... i will gonna make one this week...this is my favorite talaga

amiable amy said...

got another tag for you nga pala....i know you will love it...grab it anytime okay?

Lynn said...

lagot ka kay hubby, mitch. wala nimo siya gibinlan. lol.

mingaw na ko saging da. what we have for merienda now is sweet corn. :)

Lynn said...

got something for u, mitch...(",)

monica said...

wow, banana covered in brown sugar! sarap..

ev said...

hayyy..kalami ana oi..mahal naman kau ang banana-Q ron oi. tong elementary ko, tag .50 cents lang karon tag P5. na.hehe

seelan info said...

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Ilocana said...

Hmmm, yum,yum! Pag ako Michelle, kulang ang isa, ha,ha,ha!!
By the way, Jane & I are thinking of going to either Hyun's Korean restaurant or Surin of Thailand for dinner. If you are interested just give me a ring okay. Have a good day Ms. Piggy este Preggy pala,lol!! Hey, joke lang ha, pls. hwag magalit.Peace. ^_^.