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Monday, November 3, 2008

My baby's first hiccup

Last night as I was laying in bed ready to sleep the baby slowly moving and suddenly I felt that something pop in my tummy like a popcorn jumping from the pan but with a different sound which I first heard last night. I wonder what it was then I realized that it was the baby having a hiccup. It sounds sooo cute and I laughed after I figured that the baby had a hiccup coz I didn't expect it to happen. Though the book that I read says that I might be able to feel when the baby have a hiccup but I thought that maybe I can feel it on the third trimester. Hubby was amazed when I told him about it. It was fun hearing the hiccup and it surely put a smile on my face when I sleep.

Here's what the book "Great Expectations: Pregnancy and Childbirth" wrote for Week 14.

Development (baby): Your baby rarely sits still. She's often wiggling fingers and toes, yawning, and hiccupping. However, you probably won't be able to feel the movements for another month or so.

I'm now in week 19 and I felt the baby's first hiccup just in time. :)


rheiboy17 said...

hehehe, cute naman. alagaan mong mabuti sarili mo ha. at wag sobra sobrang lumaki baka lumaki rin ng sobra si baby sa tyan eh mahirapan kang manganak. hinay hinay lang. walang kulang walang labis. :-)

Meg said...

hello hello.. musta nman? preggy diay ka? congratulations thats really a good news... sorry karon lang ko kc gkan vacation.. anayway so im sure madelayed nalng imong pag uli? anyway enjoy pregnancy...

Lynn said...

i think i haven't experienced that, Mitch. i wasn't even aware that the baby inside could have hiccups. hehe. perhaps yogi did, wa lang ko nasayud nga hiccups diay to. (",)

Lynn said...

naa diay ko tag for u, mitch. dugay na ni ba pero basi ganahan ka muusab. hehe.



WeblogLearner said...

really? possible na pala hicupping even the baby is still inside the uterus...hmmm

Nancy said...

how sweet! anyways salamat sa pag-agi gahapon Chelle. haha mao jud ang porkchop jud sad among gibanatan.ambot ngano sad nga lami man jud kaunon ang sinugba kung naa sa dagat.

cge lang, makauli ra gihapon ka puhon, Chelle. for the mean time, amping lang sa jud kanunay para nimo ug sa imong baby.. :-)

Romy said...

Wow! I wish you the best for your family.. especially the upcoming baby...

Oi.. by the way Bisaya pud ko from Leyte.. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow! really, I did not know that hehehe

Michelle said...

rheiboy17: cute talaga pakinggan ang hiccup ng baby. sana nga hindi masyadong lumaki si baby, mahirap na pag CS.

meg: ma delayed jud ang pagbakasyon sa Pinas. next time na lang. :)

lynn: yeah, i think yogi had hiccups but you didn't know coz you're not aware of it. the book i'm reading really helped me a lot to pay attention of the baby's development inside. it tells me what to expect every week, the baby's size, development, how i'm feeling and what i can do. :)

webloglearner: well, that's what the book said. im just paying attention kung kelan yon mangyari so I can write it down in my journal. :)

nancy: bitaw, lami jud ang sinugba basta naa sa dagat. ma baboy ug isda lami jud with matching kinamot. hehe

romy: thanks! pareha diay ta bisaya. :)

simplymama: now you know. hehe