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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I need to sleep 8 to 12 hours a day?

That's what the practitioner told me during my last visit and she said that I shouldn't feel guilty for sleeping most of the time. She advice me to take a nap whenever I have a chance coz pregnant woman needs to have enough rest because of the baby. I was stunned hearing it because I've been sleeping like I already have a newborn with me. The baby keeps me awake when it's time for me to sleep coz the baby like to move. I don't know if she's exploring my uterus or just playing with her body parts of how it works. I sometimes sleep 2 hours only then wake up because I felt like I want to go to the bathroom and after a few minutes I felt like the baby is knocking my tummy asking for food. And if I can't go back to sleep after an hour or two I get up and eat something. It takes 3 to 4 hours before I can go back to sleep after eating. And while I'm in my deep sleep, the lamp turn ON to wake up hubby so he can get ready for work. Hubby turn OFF the lamp before taking a shower so I can go back to sleep. I can only have a few minutes of nap and hubby wake me up again to kiss goodbye. Then during the day I don't feel sleepy anymore especially if I'm watching TV shows that I'm interested in. Good thing that my baby is so nice to me for 2 nights. I was able to sleep straight without waking up at night. My baby likes to sleep more lately and she now knows how to move slowly if she's awake. Well, that's good for me but last night I had 3 hours of sleep again and woke up to go to the bathroom. I wasn't hungry nor thirsty but even if I'm back in bed my mind was awake even if my eyes are close until morning. Grrrrrrrrr


amiable amy said...

if its good for you and your baby, follow nalang gwapa...hahaha! got a tag for you...accept it okay?

Lynn said...

naa bitaw time no nga gusto pa nimo matulog pero imong mata mubuka na jud. naa pud time nga imong mata gapilit pero kinahanglan na mumata kay daghan asikasuhon. haaay na lang. lol.

Anonymous said...

You need to rest, it`s good for the baby :) and for you.

Meg said...

well sis, enjoy all the rest that you can get for now. coz 1s the baby has arrived. that means most of your "me Time" is over. anyway enjoy every bit of your pregnancy. Is this your first by the way? i would recommend you the book entitled "what to expect when your expecting " its very helpful. amazon should have it for a very cheap price.. Anyway good luck..

WeblogLearner said...

that is a need i guess, i overheard a pregnant woman yesterday discussing but the sleep.... that she must have at least 7-10

Michelle said...

amiable amy: how i wish i can follow the sleeping time i need so easily. i know that i need at least 8 hrs of sleep whether im pregnant or not but my brain won't cooperate. (sigh)

lynn: that's very true lynn. i tried to close my eyes so i can sleep. i even tried changing position but it didn't work. hayyyyyy

babycobalt: yeah and im still trying to get some more sleep if i can but we'll see.

meg: yeah, it's my first baby. i already have that book and i bought one more about "Great Expectations: Pregnancy and childbirth". It did help me to understand what to expect every week. :)

webloglearner: yeah, i think it's needed but i noticed also that too much of lying down in bed gave me body pain. maybe i'll just follow what my body tells me to do coz there were times that all i want to do is sleep almost the whole day. :)