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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pinoy Society's Thanksgiving Party

Hubby and I went to the Filipino Society's Thanksgiving party today. The party is 1 to 5 pm but the mass finished at 1 pm also so we're late coz we went to the store to buy some dessert and went home to get some drinks. It's almost 2 pm already when we arrived at the party and they just started eating. Some are still in line to get some food and since I was hungry, I grab a plate and didn't think of taking a picture anymore. haha I enjoyed the food. The turkey and gravy taste good. I got fried tilapia fish and baked milkfish too. Yummy yummy! :)


amiable amy said...

Hello pretty preggy, im sure you are enjoying the food...and the party , sarap nman ng fish

Lynn said...

makalaway man na imo istorya, mitch oi. lol.

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

sounds fun

Nancy said...

Happy thanksgiving diha sa inyo Chelle... this is for you!+

Ze_Ze said...

nice blog here... can exchange link?

NovaS said...

Sus day... pastilan..kaning basta gigutum na jud ta ba.. labi nag dunay gipatutoy..hehehehe... lingaw man ka chel oi... musta dear?

Anonymous said...

ok's lang michelle basta makakaon bahala nang picture dha kung ang tiyan mapasmo ta