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Monday, November 17, 2008

Two little girls

2 little girls on a chair Pictures, Images and Photos

That's what my mother-in-law said last weekend when we visit her that she saw two little girls who wanted to play with the keyboard when she was practicing to use the computer again. Hubby and I were confused if she's seeing invisible kids in the her room. Hubby asked her if she started seeing kids just like her older sister when she was at the ALF seeing 3 kids playing in the cabinet and dead people visiting her. My mother-in-law answered "No, these are the future kids. The third one hasn't come out yet." Toink! She said that her left eye can see the 2 little girls. I wonder if I'm going to have a twin but the ultrasound only showed one baby not two. So I was thinking, if there are two little girls then maybe I'll get pregnant right after the other one with a girl again. Hmm That's interesting! But hubby said that my mother-in-law is just making a story. I hope so coz I want to enjoy spending time with our first child before having the second one. Maybe she's right that we're having 2 girls but we'll see. :)


Nancy said...

for you Chelle... pampalamig, hehehe

Lynn said...

whoa! as i was reading your post, i was thinking that maybe she's seeing ghost. hehe. buti naman at hindi pala. :)

anyways, got something for u here mitch...

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

so, ur having a baby girl..that's neat.

Ilocana said...

Thanks a bunch sistah!You really read my thoughts, he,he,he.

Michelle said...

nancy: thanks sis! :)

lynn: thanks sa tag girl! nah, nisiga jud akong mata pag ingon niya nga naay duha ka bata gusto moduwa sa keyboard. unsaon na lang, tukar2 raba akong talaw. hehe

mica: yeah. :)

Nancy said...

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