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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My moist yummy pork chop

This is my moist yummy pork chop. I never expected it to be that great but it turned out soooo good. Hubby love it coz it's juicylicious! :)


Ilocana said...

Wala na bang leftovers nyan Chelle? Para matikman ba..LOL!

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

oist...share naman jan..hehehe

Lynn said...

fried porkchop is one of my favorite dishes. Lami lagi kaayo na tanawon ay. Missed porkchop na. Iwas kami here sa pork kay unsaon na lang ang mga highblood. lol.

Michelle said...

Ilocana: walang leftovers kasi sarap to the bones. nyahahaha

mica: gusto mo recipe? :)

lynn: i didn't fry this one lynn, i baked it coz i tried to avoid frying if possible. lisod na ug manggawas ang sakit. hehe