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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unpredictable appetite

I'm not craving for Filipino foods anymore but I eat if it's available. Now I can eat american foods and I like the greek food too. The change of my appetite is kinda crazy coz in the past I don't eat when I need to and now that I gained weight I want to just keep on eating. I don't eat much in the morning though coz I get up at noon but in the evening after dinner I'd like to eat and eat and eat. Whew! I'm afraid that I might have a problem of gaining more than I need to. I think it's nice to be able to eat a little bit of everything and not being told that I can't eat this and that. Maybe my hormone is the one responsible for this change of appetite that I have lately but I still need to control myself (if I can). hehe I'm now waiting for hubby to come home bringing the food that I wanted to eat even if I already had my dinner and a little dessert "biko" (sweet rice with coconut milk and sugar). Poor hubby, but it feels good that he's doing it for me and the baby. Shhhhh

1 comment:

Lynn said...

haha. mao jud na role sa hubby inig buntis si wifey, mag provide sa mga food nga gipangita. remembered my hubby tuloy bigla when i was pregnant. naanad siya nga halos everyday naa koy pangayuon, inig wala koy pangayuon, siya pay mu ask if naa ba daw ko gusto kaunon. haaaay....mingaw...:)