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Friday, December 19, 2008

Yummy blue crabs!

I was so lucky yesterday that I didn't forget to go to the Asian market coz they have live blue crabs. It's been 2 Thursdays already that I forget to go there then one of my friends said that they already have blue crabs available. I think it's blue crab season this month though I'm not sure if they have crabs last Thursday. Anyways, while I was on my way to the Asian market I was hoping that they have blue crabs for me and my baby. haha That's how I miss the blue crab! I bought 7 live crabs and cooked it before I went out to have dinner with my girl friends. Hubby was surprised to see my crabs at the counter top when he comes home. I put the crabs at the counter top to cool off before I put them in the ziploc individually. He thought they're still alive then he looked around and saw the big pot for cooking the crabs already clean and drying on the rack so he thought maybe the crabs are already dead. hahaha Hubby always feel pity every time I cook the live crabs that's why I cooked them before he arrived or else I'll feel guilty too of cooking the live crabs coz he'll keep checking the crabs in the kitchen and said "poor crabs". Oh well, crabs are delicious and meant to be eaten. hehe

Here they are...

I gave them a bath first before cooking and they are trying to bite me. See the big mouth? :)

Now they're cooked and it's my turn to bite them. hahaha


Lynn said...

kabalos ka, sis? LOL.

i missed crabs. seldom jud mi eat ana, as in once in a blue moon kay unsaon na lang ang folks, bawal baya na sa highblood. hehe.

DebbieDana said...

Oh I love blue crabs!!!

Michelle said...

lynn: yeah, kabalos jud ko. hehe

DebbieDana: me too! they really taste good. :)

Ken said...

Ay buti ka pa. I went to the store just before Christmas ... ubos na ang crabs. I was going to prepare paella for Christmas lunch with crabs ... :-(. Buti na lang they had giant shrimps so I substituted.

Michelle said...

Ay, sayang at di mo naabutan ang crabs. Pero okay lang yan, meron ka naman palang substitute na giant shrimps. :)