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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fil-Am Christmas Party 2008

Hubby and I attended the Fil-Am Christmas party yesterday. It was fun but I was disappointed because the party supposed to start at 1:00 pm but it started I think at 3:00 or 3:30 pm already. Why? Because the president of the group and her sister didn't arrived yet. You know, Filipino time is always late as in very late. Everybody's waiting for them and we're hungry already. Sitting there waiting for them is just a waste of time. Grrrr! Anyways, after the prayer I headed to the long table where all the foods are (coz I'm starving already). What I did was get a plate for me and hubby, spoon, fork and insert in line to get something so I can start eating. Hubby followed where the line is but I can't wait anymore to go into the long line of people. I know that it's not right to just hop in where others are following the line but remember, I'm pregnant and I'm not supposed to starve. I'm just doing what is good for me and my baby in a wrong way. Honestly, I felt bad doing it coz I haven't done it before but I hope they understand that I need to feed the baby in my tummy and not just me.

The tables are full and I can see some of the teenagers eating in one corner standing. It was really crowded. I wasn't able to get enough food for me but at least I had something to put in my stomach before I collapse.

Here they are attacking... the foods! hehe

A game for women after eating. I had fun watching them. :)

Exchanging gift for women.

Singing Christmas songs and of course collecting moolah (a Philippine tradition).

Santa distributing gifts to kids (from the parents of course). :)

And here I am chit chatting with another Pinay about pregnancy. I am the only one pregnant in the group so every now and then my co-pinays asked me about how's my pregnancy, if I have a girl or a boy, when is my due date and etc. I'm not used to this kind of attention when I was in the Philippines but what can I do if fellow Pinays care for me? Besides, it's nice to get some attention from friends here. Now, I'm getting used to it. hehe
Merry Christmas!!!


Lynn said...

don't worry about breaking the rule for once, mitch. i believe they do understand since you're preggy naman. :)

merry christmas pud! :)

NovaS said...

basin, nagpa-parlor pa inyong president dear.. pastilan.. kauwaw pud nga duha ra katawo ang huwaton oi... pastilan..

na gipang gutom na jud inyong mga bitok maong ang kaluluoy jud ang mga foods... pero in the end sige lang,, kay nalingaw man pud mo tanan....

filipino time isn't worth it jud... hahahaha....

Norm said...

hi chelle,

Ganda ng buntit oi pretty preggy. Ang aga ng party nyo sa amin dito sa 27 pa, then ang dami ring pinoy dito, pag mag party kami more than 300 yong tao.

I wish you all the best this holiday season together with your family and friends. May the blessings of God shine on you with love, good health, more success and happiness. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


Michelle said...

lynn: lagi, di na jud maantoy ang kagutom. reklamo na akong gamatoy, sige na panikad. hehe

NovaS: mao na ang di nako kaganahan sa grupo kay filipino time gihapon ang gisunod nga kahibaw man unta sila nga naay naghuwat daghan. nitawag lang unta nga sugdan na lang ang kaon kay lunch time gud ang party dili snack. sayang lang jud among oras nga naghuwat nila. pero sige na lang, nahuman naman sad. :)

norm: thanks sis for the compliment, greeting and wishes. may you have a wonderful christmas together with your family and friends there. :)

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

lapit na ka manganak mich no? good luck!!!

briggs said...

Hello Chelle, happy holidays! dako na jud imo tyan ba, how are you naman oi gwafa ra japon ka bisan buntis heheheh.... amping diha pirme!

Dezz said...

Wow! Good luck sis on your pregnancy.
Seemed a lot of fun in the party huh. Here in our place, the Fil-AM party was too early lol.First week ng Dec hahah..
Well, mas okey kasi a lot of parties going on pag malapit na ang xmas talaga.

San ba ang place nyo sis? Seems daming pinay dyan ah..

Pinay WAHM said...

Merry Christmas sa inyo dyan Mitch!

Mommy J