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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Otan munggos

This is a Filipino dish that I like to eat occassionally. It's mung beans with different kinds of vegetables so it's good for our health. Yum yum! :)


Lynn said...

monggo is among the many favorite dishes that i have. more so, if there's a coconut milk in it. Yummy!!!

Michelle said...

i agree with you, love the monggo with coconut milk. but here the bisaya women don't add coconut milk if they cook monggo especially if shared at the party coz the tagalog people don't like it. oh well, kaon na lang ko kung walay lain. hehe

markpaul said...

Eto sud-an ko kanina!

Michelle said...

good! masarap pala ang sud-an mo kanina. :)