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Monday, December 1, 2008

Fried rice with turkey leftover

My brunch... fried rice with leftover turkey meat and turkey wing.

This is my healthy fried rice with leftover turkey meat. This is already complete coz of the meat, vegetables, fresh herb, spices, eggs and mushroom. I like it and hubby like it too! :)


NovaS said...

I was thinking of that too dear.. mag-init nlng ko kay duna naman koy fried rice then turkey from the mother in law.. gipadalhan mi hahahaha.. kalami oi...

aper ta.. mao pud akong brunc... breakfast and lunch...

Lynn said...

i love fried rice too. murag all in one na eh. puwede na way sudan. :)

that's yummy for sure! bon appetit! LOL.

Ilocana said...

May leftovers pa ba? Para matikman, he,he.... We are home by the way. Got back last Sunday.. Have a good week..

Michelle said...

NovaS: apir! pareha diay ta ug gikaon, mga salin2 sa thanksgiving. haha

lynn: korek ka dyan sistah, all in one recipe nana.

ilocana: meron pang leftovers pang dinner namin. nyahahaha