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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Christmas tree

I know most people are done decorating with their christmas tree but not me. (smile) It's just that I easily get tired of watching the Christmas tree for a long period of time coz it's in the way so I normally start decorating a week before christmas. Yes, you read that right but today I started decorating because we bought a little christmas tree for my MIL and we need to find the hooks burried in one of the boxes for christmas decors. We finished decorating my MIL's christmas tree but ours is not finish yet coz we ran out of hooks. I need to buy more tomorrow so I can finish decorating then next is gift wrapping, decorating doors and windows then the dining table. Oh boy, our place is now a mess! I hope tomorrow I can finish everything but I doubt it coz I need to rest too. Here's a photo of our "almost finish" christmas tree. :)

Update: Here's the finish product.


Lynn said...

how tall is that? murag human naman siya tanawon, sis. hehe. nice!

niwey, got u something here.

Michelle said...

thanks lynn! it's 7 1/2 tall. yeah, it looks finish last Sunday but we still have more ornaments that we want to put on the tree. at last, we're done with it na. kapoy decorate oi. hehe