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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's travel

Hubby and I traveled today for an hour and a half to reach the place for my appointment. Everything went smooth and I was finish with my appointment after 35 minutes. After that we went to the big mall to see if I can find something I like for Christmas. There are lots of people at the mall and there were police every corner directing the traffic. Wow, I was amazed of how people shop for Christmas! I then felt dizzy, almost breathless and light headed after roaming around in just a few minutes. I'm not sure if it's the long drive that made me feel weak or the lack of sleep because I have to wake up early to prepare for today's travel but I also felt like I had a sea sick. I wanted to look for more at the mall but I decided to go back home coz I wasn't feeling well. We only had lunch at the mall and bought a few items then that's it. Hubby looked so worried if I passed out there so he kept asking me if I'm okay or if I want to shop for more or just go home. Poor hubby. I then felt better when we're on the road already so we decided to shop for our little one's furniture. We arrive home at 5:30 pm but we stopped by at a BBQ restaurant where there are many cars parked outside and at the drive thru. We thought that maybe their BBQ is good so we tried going there and bought pork and chicken BBQ. Now we're tired and sleepy but it's too early to go to bed. Wish I can have a good sleep tonight. :)


Lynn said...

have u had a good night sleep, sis? hope u did. daghan bitaw kaayo peeps sa mall no? makalifong! hehe.


Michelle said...

mo lang! mao sad tali nakalifong nako kay ang mall morag gihulmigas sa kadaghang fifol. hehe