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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buyers remorse

After shopping for the sale items after christmas, I experienced having a buyer's remorse. I realized that I bought stuff that I am not going to use for this year 2009 which only take up more space here. I told hubby that I regret buying some of the stuff that I bought on sale and hubby told me that it took him a decade before he learned that he should buy the stuff that is worth the space of his place. Now I learn something and hoping that I won't do it again. We all know that shopping is a woman's weakness but after I know how much I spent, I started to regret spending. Well, I think next time I should not look what's on sale. hahaha


amiable amy said...

i am hook on doing online shopping now but, the good thing is .... im buying stuff for my family in Philippines , but, i will be cautious...thanks for the tip

NovaS said...

okay. that must be odd but you can still do something about that, give it to your family or sell it online. .or maybe lets just make it simple.. don't buy too much... parehas jud ta ani chel... now i'm broke.. nya damo pa jud things nga gipanggamit.. pastilan...

Euroangel said...

happy new year Sis..bisdak pud add diay tika sa ako 4 blogs dugay na...pls add them too..

Euroangel said...

mao diay nio sila ay..pls under redruby n so on...salamat daan..