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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home made meringue

Last year December before Christmas I was thinking of making a new dessert. I was looking for meringue recipe but wanted the simple one coz the meringue sold in the store here are sugar free which I think doesn't taste good. Good thing I found a video of how to make the meringue at the food network website. The photos below are the result of what I made before Christmas. I already made meringue twice before and after Christmas and now I want to make another batch again. The good thing about homemade meringue is you can adjust the sweetness according to your taste. Like the first one I made is too sweet for me so the second time around I put less sugar and it taste just right.

Ok, this is all for now coz I need to do something else and later will be our ladies night which will soon be mommy's night out. Thanks for dropping by here and may all of you have/had a good day. :)


jenn_US said...

it looks yummy mich..

Michelle said...

yes it is and addictive too. :)

Lynn said...

nakatilaw na ba ko ani? hmmm, murag wa pa ay though the name sounds familiar. hehe. patilawa ko, mitch. LOL.

Nancy said...

mao ra jud sad na advantage aning naa ra ta sa balay sis no kay daghan jud ta mahuna-hunaan na ma experiment :D

Btw, basi pwede nimo ni ma-insert after sa imong last post.

Michelle said...

lynn: katilaw na siguro ka ana, icing man tawag diha sa meringue. kuyaw lang ug masugdan kay maka adik. ang bana sa akong miga nga puti sige ug balik2 ug kuha ani pag party namo, ingon niya maka adik daw. daghan na mi. sayon ra baya na himuon. let me know kung intresado ka sa recipe. :)

nancy: mao jud na advantage sa naa ra sa balay kay bisan unsa na lang himuon. thanks sa tag, ako nya na i-post soon. :)