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Friday, January 16, 2009

The fourth edition tag ... (google it)

I've been tagged by my two blogger friends Lynn and Nancy for this interesting fourth edition tag. Thanks lovely ladies for sharing this tag with me. :)

The rules: Answer the following questions through Google pictures and you may add some text if needed.

Here are my answers:

4 favorite things/foods to munch on:
I love this sweet rolls with skippy peanut butter as my snack when I feel hungry at dawn, morning or afternoon, sometimes I eat this again before bed time. :)

If I eat enough sweet rolls already in a day then I eat this skyflakes crackers as my snack.

Love this singkamas or jicama root. I like to nibble this one especially when it's cold coz it's juicy and this is good for me.

I like to eat this kind of seedless grapes but I limit eating on this one coz it gives me acid reflux.

4 favorite places to go. Why?

I want to visit this place someday coz this is the place that feels like you're in the Philippines. Besides, I have a cousin there who'd be happy to see me if I visit them.

A friend of mine said that there's a lot of Filipinos in this place and they even have a small mall where the stores inside are branches of Philippine stores. :)

I've been in this place last 2007 and I want to visit this place again coz I haven't seen everything yet of what this place has to offer. Besides, I have relatives there and an Uncle who cooks a very tasty Cebu style lechon and I want to eat that again. haha

I've seen this place on TV and the place looks really amazing. I also have a best friend in College who works there in "Dubai" which I'm sure will be glad to see me. :)

4 favorite shops online:

Babies R Us

New York & Company Victoria's Secret


4 things that pop up when you Google my name:

I'll post 2 for each ladies who tagged me.

For Lynn:

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Jamie Lynn Spears

For Nancy:

Nancy Miracle

Nancy O'Dell

I am tagging Ilocana, Pinaywahm, Jenn and Nova.


Lynn said...

same here, lamian pud ko singkamas labi na sawsaw sa asin. yum!

thank you for doing the tag, sis. mwahugs!

awards for u here...

NovaS said...

thanks for including me chel, ganahan jud ko ani...

Ilocana said...

Kasali pala ako sa tag he,he. Nice one Michelle...Thanks. Post ko later okay. Tamad pako ko eh, still sleepy ,he,he. Have a good day.

Michelle said...

ilocana: okidoki! ako din, antok palagi. maginaw kasi. :)