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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My best leftover turkey curry stoup

It's been a while that I've been experimenting about what to do with turkey leftovers. I tried making fried rice with it, soup, or just heating it again in the microwave for the next day's meal. But last Christmas we had a tough turkey. It didn't come out the way we expected. Hubby and I bought a different brand of turkey for Christmas just for the fun of it. We followed the instructions which is different from other brand that we normally buy and then I decided not to baste it to see if it's still turn out good. Well, the result was we got a tough, dry turkey and the skin is not crunchy. It looks good on the outside though but hubby and I were not happy about it. We almost don't want to eat it. (Sigh) When I asked hubby of what he want me to do with the leftover for the next day, he told me to give it to the cat (our neighbor's cat who sometimes visit the neighbors like us). That's how bad our turkey was last Christmas.

After 3 days of thinking what to do with it, I come up with an idea. Hubby suggested that maybe I can make a soup with the turkey and boil it for hours to make it tender. I was planning to make a chicken curry for months but didn't so I thought maybe I can make a turkey curry. A friend of mine who had a small restaurant in Cebu gave me the recipe of her chicken curry so I thought maybe I can use it for the turkey. I cooked the leftover turkey but I did some adjustments. The result was great! Hubby said it's the best turkey soup he ever had! At first he said it works really well with the turkey, and while eating he said it was great... and last he said it was excellent! haha I'm glad he liked it. Now he said that we can have this turkey curry stoup even if there's no holiday. Btw, I call this recipe a stoup because you can make this as stew or soup. It's really good that hubby and I aren't tired of eating it for 3 consecutive dinners already. Yummy! yummy!

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