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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet dreams bed

Hubby and I were looking for a nice bed we can find around that is also affordable. We were looking for a bed with storage underneath it but it seems that the stores around here don’t carry it except for kid’s bed so we search the internet for some options. Buying a nice bed means having a good sleep too coz if you don’t like the bed you got, then you’re not happy to sleep on it. Hubby told me that we should purchase something that we really like coz we are going to live with it forever and not just one week. As of the moment, we’re sleeping with the mattress on the floor until we find the right storage bed for us. There’s a website I found today that has a wide selection of beds like wooden, metal, luxury, high sleepers, bunk, cabin, french style, antique style, girls, boys, children, divan, guest, white, upholstered beds and they have more than one storage beds available too. I checked the website and found a good storage bed that hubby might consider looking. We want something that is more useful, practical and nice. Of course we don’t want to buy something that is just an eye sore to us, right? So it really does matter to me of what a bed looks like coz the kind of bed you have shows your personality also. I’ve been browsing the beds for kids and there are pretty ones that I like. I guess I’m too excited to shop in advance now that the baby is still in my tummy. Oh well, I’ll keep it in mind so when it’s time to get one I know where to find it.

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