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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My OB appointment today

Hubby and I arrived on time at the OB office. I was lucky today coz the assistant who weighed me and prepared my papers today was my friend, a bisaya Filipina also. Then one of the practitioners came to us and joined our little chit chat. Why she joined? Coz she's also a bisaya Filipina and my friend as well. haha That's one thing I like with my OB coz he's nice and has 2 Filipina workers whom I can call whenever I have a question. ^_-

Anyways, my friend gave me the orange drink for the glucose test and a small cup for the urine test. After an hour another employee drew my blood for the glucose test. The practitioner told me that if the result of the glucose test is abnormal then they will call me and I'll do the test again... which means I have to fast from 12 midnight and drink the orange drink then they're going to draw blood after an hour but this time they'll do it 3 times (once every hour). The practitioner thinks that I don't have gestational diabetes and she told me that I shouldn't worry about gaining weight after hubby told her that I felt weak yesterday in preparation for today's test. haha I had a good laugh listening to hubby and the practitioner talking about the way I eat and they both agreed about the dessert. She said that I can eat dessert in moderation but not 3 times a day, maybe once or twice is okay for me coz my weight is just right for my height. She was happy telling me and hubby that the baby is growing okay and was glad seeing my record that I gained 5 lbs in just 3 weeks which I thought is too much. We listen the baby's heartbeat and it's 153. Then I asked about wearing high heels if it's true that pregnant women shouldn't wear it coz a friend of mine told me once that my tummy is so low because of wearing heels which makes the baby descend. The practitioner said that it's not true. She said that the only reason to avoid wearing high heels is if it's pushing me forward coz I might fall. And she added that I'll be fine wearing heels like 1 - 2 inches or as long as the balance is okay. Well, I just like to wear my boots with heels in the evening when I go out coz its cold and I want to cover some part of my gastrocnemius. ^_^


Ilocana said...

Hey, I'm thinking of going ladies nite out this Thursday, where we could invite or on Friday. Can you still come? I mean are you still comfortable driving? If ever, I could always pick you up, no problemo. Anyway, leave me a message or a ring 2morow okay, thanks :)

NovaS said...

Hello chel, thank you sa imong komento sa akong pikas blog, naga sugod pako, i-add nya to day sa imong page.. kay na-add ko na pud ka didto...

kalingaw ba ana makakita tag lain bisdak noh, mao jud ng akong gusto kay sige nlng jud kog ka nosebleed dres akong bana.. heheheh..

anna said...

2 months to go! have a safe pregnancy :)

Michelle said...

Ilocana: Yeah, I'm still okay to drive. Talked to Shiela today about the ladies night. So same time? See you tomorrow! :)

NovaS: Lingaw jud magchika nga atoa rang sinultian. Atong New Year diay nga party nga akong gi atenan kay mga bisaya raman mi tanan gi invite kay kapoy kuno sige ug bakit. haha

anna: thanks girl! :)