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Monday, January 19, 2009

Preparing for the baby

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant so 10 more weeks to go for my due date and the baby will be with us if she comes out on that day. That also means we only have 10 more weeks to prepare for the baby's arrival. Wow, time flies really fast and the baby's room is not ready yet! Hubby and I are still trying to transform the office/storage room into a baby room. Yesterday we were able to accomplish buying items for the baby, just the important once and some accessories for her room. I get tempted to buy little things for the baby while roaming around the store but I also tried to control myself because my friends told me to wait for the baby shower or else somebody will give me something that I already have/bought.

Maybe I'm too excited and getting paranoid thinking if the baby wants to come out early so I still bought something that I know I'll need once the baby arrives. Hubby is planning to enroll classes about parenting and prepared childbirth for both of us and breastfeeding for me. I drop the breastfeeding class coz I've seen my cousins doing it before so I think I don't need it. I'll just figure it out when time comes. (wink)

Yesterday I was able to take a nap at the couch coz my little athlete is I think addicted into stretching her body and playing with her feet and hands and maybe fingers too. I can feel sometimes as if she's drawing a line in my tummy with her finger that feels like a stick. Her moves keep me awake and sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night. I might not have enough time to spend in front of the computer but I'll try to drop ec to those who drop ec here. Thanks again for visiting! :)


NovaS said...

sounds pretty much interesting ah... so... murag super excited na jud mo duha sa imong bana sa inyong lil princess arrival... nice...

i got you some award my dear:

Michelle said...

yeah, excited na kay mapun-an na mi ug gamay. thanks sa awards nov, will post it tomorrow. :)

Nancy said...

wow! i can feel the excitement... best wishes Chelle and stay safe and healthy!

Scotty's Princess said...


Excited na jud ko mugawas si baby. Kita na jud mo ni Hubby sa inyong liwat....pilit dayon pics ha, hehehe!