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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Shower

A wonderful baby shower that my friends and fellow Pinays gave me. Though it wasn't a surprise for me anymore coz my friends were talking about it in front of me during our ladies night out late last year but the effort and excitement that they showed really touched me.

Balloon sign outside my friend's house.

Hubby and me with the baby shower balloon behind us.

The yummy foods prepared by friends.

Me with the ladies at the dessert table.

The game... Whoever guess the right size of my belly thru the yarn will win.

The gifts... Love them all! ^_-

My CROWN. haha


Lynn said...

wow! that's so nice of your friends to give u a baby shower, sis. diri kay dili kaayo uso bb shower, bridal shower pa nuon. hehe.

daghana gifts oi and the crown is lovely ha. bagay jud nimo.

take care always. :)

Twerlyn said...

what a lovely photos! Asa ka na state Chelle?

I guess 6 point something (pounds)ang imong baby. =)

NovaS said...

Ahhh... pretty sweet, and i must say it's fun. i hope i can attend a baby shower here someday...

the fun looks yummy too... awesome!


jenn_US said...

its great to be surrounded with pinay friends....:) the food looks're almost going to see your bb soon...

Ilocana said...

Waaa, I missed the fun games!! But I still had fun kahit medyo late na. Everyone said I'm so late, and I told them it's okay, at least early naman dumating ang pancit ha,ha,ha.... Well, can't wait to see your baby na Chelle. Siguradong sing-ganda at cute mo rin. ^_^

briggs said...

Congrats Chelle!

Geraldine Anne Toring said...

how sweet of your friends to give you a baby shower :)...

Cecile said...

wow, ka sweet naman ng mga friends mo dyan :-); dami gifts saka pagkain :-)

Michelle said...

Lynn: yeah, though my friends were talking about it but i wasn't really expecting it. nakaka touch talaga. :)

Twerlyn: Sa Alabama. Maayo unta kung di kaayo dako ang baby aron dali ra ipanganak. :)

NovaS: you'll experience it someday coz it's the tradition here. :)

jenn: yes, it is really nice to have friends around. and yeah, we'll soon meet our little bundle of joy. :)

Ilocana: the name game was really funny. super ingay nila, ako tawa ng tawa. :) can't wait to see the baby na. i want to see kung saan nagmana. sana black ang hair at eyes nya para di ako mapagkamalan na yaya. hahaha

briggs: thanks! :)

G-Anne & Cecile: yeah, they are sweet and thoughtful. sabi nga nila saka na me bibili ng mga gamit ng bata after baby shower para ang kulang na lang ang bibilhin ko. :)

amiable amy said...

wow naman che, galing naman ng party mo....i am so glad to see so many friends of yours...saya talaga

Michelle said...

yeah, it's fun to be with friends. :)

Madz said...

wow, that's very nice of them! great to have loads of friends pra daghan regalo hahhhaha.... ako excited pod ko sa akoa... hehehheeh

Michelle said...

yeah, daghan jud regalo. hehe ikaw nya sunod mag baby shower. :)