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Monday, February 23, 2009

35 weeks

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant. Almost there! ^_^


NovaS said...

i bet your soo excited na jud chel noh..
kami pud nag-atang dre.. hehehe

ingatz always...


Cecile said...

Wow, chelle :-) ganda naman ng decorations mo sa room ng baby nyo :-)

Lynn said...

ilang tulog na lang...

amiable amy said...

nice baby room chelle, goodluck ha, i hope you will deliver it good and walang kasakait sakit

Michelle said...

NovaS: Yeah, excited and anxious of what the future will bring. :)

Cecile: thanks! :)

Lynn: yeah, hapit na. :)

amiable amy: i hope there's no pain but as what they say, there's no such thing as no pain when woman give birth but in return you'll get a cute little one. we'll see what will happen. :)

Madz said...

hi Chelle, thanks for the visit... wow, we are both preggy!! hehehe I am happy to meet you, my pleasure too... maybe we can x-links if you like..

I can't to have mine too, so when is the due then?

Michelle said...

you're welcome! will link you after this. march 30 na ang due date. :)