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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birth Plan

I haven't heard of this while I was in the Philippines until hubby and I attended our childbirth class and by reading the pregnancy book. I thought at first that I don't really need one but as time goes by I was thinking that I should speak out and tell my OBGYN of what I want to happen when I give birth. Attending the Childbirth class helped me understand that I can choose what position I want to use to deliver the baby. I only knew one before but now I know that you can squat, lay on your side or in the bath tub. But of course laying on your back is what the OB wants you to do coz it's easy for them to catch the baby. In the past I was thinking that I'll just go with the flow of what the OB tells me to do then I'll do it coz they know better than I do. Then I realize that birth plan can also give you peace of mind knowing that your OB knows what you want or wish to happen when the time comes. Like requesting a rocking chair and birth ball in the labor/delivery room if that helps you to relax or requesting a wireless belt that monitors the baby's heartbeat so you're free to roam around while on labor, bring a focal point to help you concentrate, if you want to play a particular music, dim the lights and etc. In my case, I didn't have a very detailed birth plan but I already talked to my OB about my concerns to start with. My OB already knows what hospital I want to give birth, that I prefer no episiotomy or no tearing, that I want to have an epidural which my OB agree also and I don't want the urinal catheter. I think those are the most important things that I want to happen but of course I have to be flexible. My OB said that he'll only do the episiotomy if needed and he also prefer that his patient will get the epidural coz it hurts him seeing his patient in pain. He's really nice. :)


Ilocana said...

yan ang maganda dito. they want you to feel comfortable as possible and they give you choices and decide for yourself what is good or better... Oh my little girl was beside me awhile ago and upon seeing your profile photo she said " da shshel " meaning that's Michelle. I'm surprise she recognized and remembered your name.. Smart talaga mga girls, ha,ha,ha!

O, kita mo ba snow kanina? Better take a pic coz it's melting na, he,he,he.

Michelle said...

Yeah, took a pic of the snow. hehe It's true, basta girls smart. Naalala pala ni Rosi ang name ko. That's good. :)

NovaS said...

i'm sure everything will all be great.. nice...


Michelle said...

I hope so. :)