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Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's for Brunch?

I had a good Filipino foods for brunch today. I got out of bed at 11:00 am already and started cooking the hot cocoa that a pinay friend gave me last year (when I was craving for it). Then I cooked the scrambled egg coz it's good when paired with the dried fish that I took home from the ladies night last Thursday. hehe I cooked the rice yesterday so I just heat it in the microwave and after that my brunch is ready. I like the hot cocoa (with a little bit of sugar) poured over my rice. My brunch was great and now I feel sleepy again. haha Happy Weekend!!!


Ilocana said...

11:35 to be exact. Napasarap ang kantahan at sayawan eh. pati nga si Shiela nahatak at napakanta rin,he,he...btw, hanggang kelan ang parenting class nyo? para next time ikaw naman hatakin namin,he,he,he.. We're you able to shop for a crib today?..Okay, see yah.

NovaS said...

AYAY... kalami sa imong brunch oi.. namingaw na jud ko anang bulad ba...


Michelle said...

Ilocana: Ic. Almost midnight na pala. We still have one more class to attend and we're done. Hubby bought the crib today and plan to assemble it tonight. :)

NovaS: sarap talaga ng dried fish kasi di masyadong maalat. wala bang asian market dyan sa place nyo? baka meron. try mo hanapin sa google. :)

Lynn said...

we have the same breakfast, mitch. the difference lang kay lahi among dried fish. it's a marinated flying fish. have u tried it? lami siya, sis. promise!

Michelle said...

flying fish? im not sure if i tried eating that one already. i don't know the names of the dried fish, maybe i've seen it already or tried eating it before but don't know the name lang. hehe