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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I was worried...

That's what hubby said today when he arrived home tonight. Want to know why? Well, I was feeling weak again this morning. I had my snack this morning the bread and peanut butter then went to the office/baby's room to do some more arranging. Suddenly I felt weak so I went to the kitchen and drink the nutritional energy drink that my OBGYN recommend. I sat on the bed hoping that I'll feel better right away but then I felt breathless and a few seconds later my tears starts falling. I felt bad coz I have a lot of things to do but here I am not feeling well again and don't know what to do to make me feel better. I told hubby that I'm feeling weak again when it's time for him to kiss goodbye so he asked me if I want my energy drink and cell phone beside me and I said yes. I also asked him to bring my water just in case I want it. Normally I'm in bed ready to go back to sleep when hubby is about to leave for work but not today. I wasn't feeling sleepy yet so I read my pregnancy book to find some answers of how I should be feeling now that I'm 34 weeks pregnant. After an hour of reading my eyes are ready to sleep. I get up at 1:00 pm, had my lunch, watch TV for an hour, took a shower and felt better. The weather is nice outside so I decided to go out grocery shopping and buy more diapers and baby wipes. I was unloading the stuff I bought when hubby arrived and he was surprised to see me smiling already. haha He asked me if I feel okay already and I said yes then he said that he was worried this morning coz I was in tears. nyahaha During our dinner he told me that maybe I should eat some dessert after my breakfast or something heavy so I won't feel weak again. We'll see coz I'm too lazy to cook in the morning and I don't want to go out without taking a shower if I want to eat outside. :)


Lynn said...

hmmm, i suddenly remembered what happened to me when i was 8mos pregnant, nalipong ko kalit as in putla daw kaayo ko. gladly my hubby was beside me that time and he brought me to the bedroom to lay down and have rest. gihilot ra niya ako ulo og naulian ko. i wonder what's the cause of that one. bcoz of the hormonal changes siguro. basi mao pud na sa imo, sis. yaw lang jud pagutom.


Michelle said...

I finally found the answer today about the breathless thingy. It's normal according to the pregnancy book coz my growing uterus compress my lungs. My dentist's assistant also told me that I should be feeling weak and breathless because of the extra baggage that I'm carrying then my dentist agreed and he said that it's normal for pregnant women. I guess I just have to be careful. :)