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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's squirming...

I'm talking about my little one. I was in bed last night at 12 am trying to sleep but I can't coz the little one in my tummy was moving like a worm or let's say an octopus with lots of tentacles moving around my tummy. I changed my position many times coz sometimes it makes the little one put to sleep but it didn't work. I think she's been squirming for 2 hours before she finally stops moving which I assume she's tired and asleep already. What a night! :)


Lynn said...

magsige na gahi imo tummy, sis no? unya magsige na pud balud balud. haha. malingaw baya ko ana sa una ay. :)

NovaS said...

i bet super ka lihok anang imong gamay ba.. hehehe probably playing or not comfy on your position. i don't know haven't tried being preggy yet.. but kinda amusing to know about your experiences...



Michelle said...

Lynn: yeah, i've been experiencing the braxton hicks contraction every now and then. at first i thought that the baby is pushing my tummy but the practitioner told me that it's the contraction in preparation for the big day. :)

NovaS: according to my OBGYN that an active baby is a sign that the baby is healthy and that i should be glad if my baby is moving most of the time. :)

Lara said...

It's weird when I started feeling my baby moved for the very first time. Tinuod na sya murag ulod (actually dako pa sa ulod) nga mo gimok-gimok sa atong tiyan. Ha,ha,... Unya ma feel pud nimo ang movement inside if you touch your tummy. Mahimuot ko kay lihukan man pud ako baby sige nako hikapon ako tiyan kada lihok nya unya ug ako na hubby mo hikap mo undang ug lihok amo baby.