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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'll just suck it up!

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This month February is challenging for me. Why? There's a lot of important things going on that needs to be done starting tomorrow. Here are the list of my hectic schedule this month...

Feb. 2 - Dental Appointment
Feb. 5 - Derma
Feb. 7 - Prepared Childbirth class
Feb. 8 - Prepared Childbirth class
Feb. 10 - OBGYN
Feb. 11 - Baptismal seminar/class
Feb. 12 - Parenting Class
Feb. 19 - Parenting Class
Feb. 24 - OBGYN (not sure yet)
Feb. 26 - Parenting Class

Seeing all these schedules when I write them down on the paper (hoping that I won't forget anything) made me want to scream and cry. I want and need to relax, take a rest and prepare the baby's room but how? This month's appointments really made me nuts! But all of them are important so I'll just SUCK it up. I guess I need to start doing the mommy-to-be mantra saying "This too shall pass". ^_^


Lynn said...


korek, sis. no choice jud ka but to think na it will all just pass. pero di pa na mao sis, daghan pag musunod. sige lang, kaya yan. go girl! LOL.

take extra care always. mwahugs!

NovaS said...

that's a schedule, dapat di magstress kay buntis...

Michelle said...

Lynn & NovaS: mao nay giingon nga think positive lang ta ani. :)