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Monday, February 2, 2009

What do you Love about your Husband?

Got this lovely tag from my blogging buddy Lynn. Thanks a lot sis for sharing this with me. ^_^

Things that I love about him are...
He respect me, my plans and wishes.
He's very patient. I can be mean to him and say something that might hurt his feelings but he just keep his mouth shut and never say anything.
He's a good listener. Even if I say something with no sense he still listen and try to be attentive so I won't be mad. :)
He wants me to be happy. He's not a party goer but he goes with me to Filipino parties so I won't be bored here or feel homesick. He never ever tell me that it's time to go home even if he's bored already at the party as long as he sees me that I'm still enjoying. hehe
He's not the type of person who controls you. I can go out with friends while he stay at home though he starts to worry if I stay out late but he never calls and just patiently wait at home. I also don't need to cook or do household chores if I don't want to. If I ask his permission about anything he always tells me to do what I need/want to do coz he's not my boss.
He appreciates the little things that I do for him and say thank you.
In general, he's such a very nice and loving person.
I want to share this tag to Ilocana, Jenn, Laradee, Amiable Amy, and Cecille.


Ilocana said...

Thanks for this one Chelle. Post it later. Take it easy girl...And you're welcome(for the special delivery) :)

Michelle said...


Lynn said...

we're so lucky to have loving husbands. the only difference is that, u can still feel his love, unlike mine... :(

thank u for doing the tag, sis. take extra care always!