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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Party Made Easy

I assume that all of us like to attend a party but not all of us know how to throw a good party and I am one of them. I am impressed to those hosts who can manage all the pressure from decorating, cooking and entertaining. But me, the result might be a disaster. I only hosted a small gathering with my four friends once and that didn’t happen again. It's just that I don't know how to entertain well with guests. For me that's a skill that I don't have. I think preparing for a party is stressful especially if you’re inviting more than 10 persons. I’m still thinking that someday in the future I can throw a party if there’s special occasion and when we already have our own house. But of course, I have to learn first of what to do. I’m glad that I found a very helpful website that I can use someday. is all I need. This website has a lot to offer from party themes, invitations, recipes, decorations, activities and so on. I like the idea of “Around the World Potluck” and "Clothing Swap" as theme of the party. I think it’s cool and interesting. The website is of great help to someone like me coz it’s all in one party ideas that will make your party easy. That would be fun!


Lynn said...

thanks for sharing, sis. i love organizing parties or events so this website that u've shared will for sure give me ideas. :)

Michelle said...

You're welcome Lynn. The website is really right for you. You'll get a lot of different ideas and tips there. :)