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Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's been 2 days already that I wasn't able to have enough sleep. I had a hard time sleeping again. It's like I only sleep 2 hrs during the night and will be able to go back to sleep in the morning after hubby left for work then get up at noon. The acid reflux really bothers me plus I wanted to burp but I can't. It feels like the air stuck in my throat and that keeps me awake.

Today hubby and I attended the Childbirth class. We brought 2 pillows coz it's required, drinks and our snacks. The schedule supposed to start at 9 am and end at 3 pm then 1 hr lunch break but it started a little late coz the front door is close and we have to find the door to get in the building. The Class ended at 2:30 pm maybe because we only have few questions and short breaks coz the whole class decided to just continue to the next topic. We did learn something today especially hubby. We watched a short video of 3 natural childbirth, a comedian who explained about the childbirth he and his wife experienced (which really made me laugh), we had the breathing and relaxation techniques, things that bothers us were answered and so on. I noticed in the childbirth video that the mom who had the epidural is more relax than the 2 moms who decided not to get any medication during labor. I was thinking of not getting the epidural because of the catheter but now I think epidural is better than having a long labor. I'm glad that hubby and I enrolled the class coz it's really helpful for me and hubby.

After the class we went home but decided to drop by at an Ice cream store coz it's nice outside. We're in 60's today and hoping for a warm weather also tomorrow. Hubby had a banana split while I had a strawberry banana smoothie. I think that fruit smoothies are not my thing. I like the vanilla and chocolate milkshake better than the smoothie I had today. Well, better luck next time. I was sleepy when we arrived home so I had a catnap for almost 2 hrs. which is good. Now I'm sleepy again and tomorrow we need to get up early to go to Church and in the afternoon attend the Childbirth class from 1-6 pm. I hope we'll finish early again. Happy Weekend! ^_^


ღ pinaymama ღ said...

wow lapit kana diay manganak hehehee exciting...

anyway Mich, please update my blog A Mother's Journal to A Momma's Journal and its link from to

Thank you!

Michelle said...

Yeah, hapit na. Ok, will change your new url. Thanks for informing me. :)

Lynn said...

maayo diha, sis no kay naay mga ingun-ana. diri ambot naa ba. naa siguro wa la ko nasayud. :)

that's good coz daghan jud ka matun-an. ako nakat-on na lang day by day og with the advices na rin of friends and family.

take care sis!

Michelle said...

yeah, makatabang baya kay ang bana ma educate sad kay naa man movie about sa mga nanganak. at least naa sad sila idea kung unsa mahitabo kay diri ang bana naa man sad sa labor room tabang sa asawa kung mag labor na. nya kung hapit manganak, ang bana tabang sad ug gunit sa asawa nya mag cheer aron maningkamot ug unto ang asawa. maayo lang ug di makuyapan akong bana nga talawan raba ug dugo kay ang bana sa akong miga diri nakuyapan. natulog daw sya sa sawg nga walay unlan2. haha