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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Women and Children Hospital Tour

At last, we finished the Childbirth Class today and had a tour at the Women and Children Hospital. The building is big, clean and nice. They have a triage room (smaller room), labor room the biggest and the postpartum room. I never thought that there are different kinds of rooms when a woman give birth. What I like about the rooms are... they're all private, have wifi internet connection and have a menu that you can order if you're hungry. We probably bring the laptop so hubby won't be bored while he's in the room with me and the baby. :)


Summer said...

grabi michelle. buti nahanap ko blog mo ulit! tagal kong hinanap to ah. musta na?

Lynn said...

wa ng postpartum room diri ay. hehe. labor room lang di ba but i wasn't able to experience being in that room na kay 3 hours lang ko labor then diretso na sa DR. paspas kaayo! hope ganon ka rin, sis para u won't experience so much pain.


Michelle said...

Summer: Yan ang resulta pag di mo e-add ang blog ko. Eto, malapit na me manganak. Ano, na surprise ka? haha

Lynn: mao, natinga lagi ko kay daghan man room among gisudlan. Mag balhin2 diay ug room depende kung unsa ang sitwasyon. Kung CS, ibalhin pa ug recovery room after sa operation. maayo ka kay dali ra ang imong labor. unsa imong gibuhat nga dali raman ka nag labor. kay ang akong cousin sa pinas waman dayon moadto sa hospital bisan iyang bag of water nigawas na. nagpaabot pa sya ug 5 mins. interval sa iya contraction nya naligo pa before niadto sa hospital. :)

Geraldine Anne Toring said...

HI mich! naa ko tag pra imu :)

Ilocana said...

True, kulang na lang yata fridge, lol! Hmm, teka maybe meron ding pang " executive ", nyaha,ha!

Btw, first time to see you both @ Good Shepherd last Sunday, and everybody were waiting for you to show up and meet you at the vestibule area. Anyway, John told Scott that you need to be @ the class by 1:00. So I figure you were in a hurry to go.. Good to see you though..

One more thing, Shiela is thinking of a pre-Valentine's day - night out with the gang this Thursday, Feb. the 12th. So if you have time pls do give her a call and see if you 2 could come up with a nice place for our "dinner date" ^_^. Tata..

Michelle said...

G-Anne: Thanks girl! Will grab it later. :)

Ilocana: Sayang nga walang fridge. Sana meron kahit para sa drinks man lang. hehe

And yeah, we really are in a hurry last Sunday. We thought that we won't be able to make it. The clock ticks so fast for us and we didn't eat lunch yet when we went to church. We only had 13 mins. to eat lunch after church and we didn't finish our food so we'll arrive on time. Grabe! But we're glad we made it kahit late ng I think 1 or 3 minutes. ^_^

For the pre-Valentine's day night out, conflict sa schedule ko. huhu We're going to attend the Parenting class this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and that will be for 4 Thursdays so di pa rin me pwede next week. Waaaaaaaa I was thinking of Wednesday but I just remember na may schedule din pala kami tomorrow night for the Baptismal Class/Seminar. So I think pass muna ako this month unless ma change ang day. I'm available next week Wednesday. nyahaha