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Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest Pictures

I've been tagged by Joy "Pinaymama" with this meme. Thanks Joy for sharing this with me. I appreciate the thought. :)

All you need to do is:

1. Take your latest picture.

2. Take your picture as natural as possible.

3. Post your picture on your blog.

4. Post the rules.

5. Tag 10 people to do this tag.

Here are two of my latest pictures taken last Monday when I was 38 weeks preggy. ^_^

Now I'm tagging: Jenn, Twerlyn, Laradee, Sheng, Lynn, Elda, NovaS, Amiable Amy, Darlene and Nancy.


Gorgeous MUM said...

thanks for this! you really look great for someone who is about to pop! i guess the wait is killing you! hahaha!

i'm loving the little one's bedroom! is it gonna be a gorgeous princess or a dashing prince? or you both wanted it to be a surprise?

i really am so happy for you! you'll surely enjoy the joys (and sometimes the pains!) of motherhood!

Lynn said...

hmmm, murag wa pa koy bag-ong pic da. grab ra unya nako ni sis if naa na. hehe.

thanks a lot! ingatz!

Angel said...

Hello Michelle thanks for the tag I will do it when I get the chance okay! Thank you again and good luck for the coming baby! Take care and God Bless.

Lynn said...

musta na ang buntis?

naa pud koy para nimo diri, sis...

Dezz said...

hi there, hapit na jud ka manganak-:) btw, you look good.. how I wish ing ana sad ko no? hehe

anyways, good luck! hope you have a successful delivery..


Gorgeous MUM said...

Here's wishing you a productive week ahead!

NovaS said...

Definitely grabbing this, although i'm way too late, but i'll be doing this soon...

you look gorgeous girl..

thanks for the tag...loved it

Michelle said...

Gorgeous Mum: Thanks for the compliment. It's a girl but the theme I chose is something that can be used for a boy too just in case we'll have a boy next time. haha I only bought a few pink items coz I don't like the room to be too girly. :)

Lynn: Ok lang sis, post lang unya kung naa na new pic nimo. Thanks for the tag. :)

Angel: Thanks! :)

Dezz: Thanks girl! Yeah, hapit na jud mi magkita. :)

NovaS: Thanks Nov! :)

nancy said...

i'm done with the tag sis...thanks a lot. have a safe delivery!

Twerlyn said...

naa man d-i ko tag dre Chelle..samalat..akoa ni birahon taud2x..ready na jud mgawas imong baby..basin today sa panganak

amiable amy said...

oy may tag pala ako dito, salamat chelle ha

amazing talaga si LORD noh? thank God at okay ang delivery ng baby mo...i am so happy to see her angel talaga....woww....congrats mommy Michelle