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Monday, March 23, 2009

On indulging sweets...

As days goes by, my tummy grows bigger and I am gaining weight too. My feet are now getting wider from swelling and I am thankful that I have some sandals which are kinda loose in the past that perfectly fit on my feet now. I sort of blame myself for indulging sweets lately but hubby told me that if I don't indulge then maybe I feel weak also. I felt better when he told me the positive side of indulging sweets. Though I didn't like gaining more than what I targeted but I didn't feel breathless or weak anymore which I complain in the past. Hubby was worried seeing me weak especially if it happens in the morning when it's time for him to go to work but that didn't happen anymore after I started eating sweets regularly. But of course, I still try not to over indulge coz I don't want to end up having problems with diabetes. Sweets are okay in moderation as long as you know where your limits are then you'll be fine.

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NovaS said...

ohh...chocolate temptation, i can't resist when it comes or involving chocolate.. hahaha...

but, eating a lil won't hurt you diba? basta di lang jud palabi...

PinayWAHM said...

6 Days to go! Wow...time flies talaga. Anyway, sending you some easy birth vibes [if there is such a thing]. Take care!

Mommy J

Gorgeous MUM said...

not long now, and your little angel is coming out!

i used to have lots of chocolates and coke during the 1st 3 months of my pregnancy. those were the only one that seems to stop my pregnancy sickness. i know it's bad, but that was what i did!

anyways, you'll surely get back to your sexy shape in time.