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Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Stretch marks

I never thought I would get any stretch marks on my tummy coz I wasn't scratching my tummy. But lately this month, I suddenly noticed the stretch marks and it's getting worst. I felt a little itch on my tummy but what makes it worst is I feel pain when I'm contracting. I just realized that the result of the pain are the stretch marks and it feels like somebody is slicing my tummy. I wonder at first of what the pink lines are and now I saw a little blood almost coming out. Oh boy, I hope the cocoa butter will do some miracle but I doubt it. I read the pregnancy book and it says there that there's nothing I can do with the stretch mark even if I apply something to stop it. I guess I just have to live with it and accept that it's part of being a mom. (sigh)


Summer said...

Hi fren,i ask my sister about it.She just told me that you better put lotions before you sleep.Although hndi nya maalis ang strech marks but it will lighten those marks..;D
I hope i did to help you,even in small things like that.And congrats in advance on your baby..;D

ApRiL said...

hello shel, that's awful, i remember my sis in law and sisters even close friends have their stretch marks when they got pregnant. you are right, you can't do anything about it, except if you'll undergo laser or surgery. but it's worth it right?

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Ilocana said...

Ah, don't worry about it. Who knows it might go away like "zoink"!^_^ If not then just think of the winning prize behind it, he,he,he.

Ilocana said...

Oh, if Shiela call at matuloy tayo today for her birthday celebration, can you still come? We'll pick you up if you can't drive anymore, Okay. Just let us know, okidoc..

Anna said...

Hi there just blog hopping here. You have a beautiful blog.

Gorgeous MUM said...

A beautiful Friday greeting from Australia!

Gorgeous MUM said...

as much as we women/mothers hate to have stretch marks, it's inevitable. just think of it as a loving sign of motherhood!

Ilocana said...

Congrats Michelle and John! And welcome baby Claira!!!

Lynn said...

hello sis!

musta na? na busy jud ang life. hala! 1 day to go na lang or perhaps baka u're delivering ur bb na right this moment. wishing for ur safe delivery sis.

happy sunday!

Lynn said...

sis, try to put lotion on ur tummy. they say it's effective. and contrary to what others say, it's not bcoz kinakamot mo kaya nagkaka stretch marks ka. from the word itself, na stretch ang skin mo kaya lumalabas ang strecth marks.

an office mate was advised by her ob-gyne to put lotion and effective talaga, wala siyang stretch marks. i wasn;t told by my OB so meron ako do konti lang di kagaya ng iba and maitim pa yung kanila. buti sa kin maputi and since maputi rin ako, so di gaanong halata. hehe.

anyways, about the buko pandan pala sis, pinagawa niya lang pala yun sa isang resto here. thought sis-in-law niya gumawa, di pala. :)

ingatz sis.

Gorgeous MUM said...

hello michelle! i heard you already gave birth to a baby girl! i'm so happy for you and your hubby! both of you must be over the moon! i'm pretty sure she is as beautiful as you!

now the fun begins . . . !

ATHS Batch 1984 said...

Hi Michelle....

I learned from Ilocana you already gave birth to your little angel!

Congratulations to you and your husband.....

Mommy J

Gorgeous MUM said...

Was here leaving some lovely thoughts!